Alloy Wheel Straightening

Damage caused by potholes which buckle your wheels, can impact on tyres, suspension, performance and safety of your vehicle.

In the worst cases can cause violent vibrations and serious damage to both the steering and suspension components of your vehicle.

We have invested in the latest wheel straightening technology to offer an efficient service restoring your wheels to a roadworthy and safe condition.

Normally completed the same day, we also offer (at a small cost premium) a while you wait service.

Once we have removed the tyre and ensured the alloy can be safely worked upon. We leave the wheel next to Mike`s magical straightening machine.

If we are lucky then, the lesser spotted Mike (rarely seen in daylight) will secure the wheel to his straightening machine and highlight the flat spots ready for the magic to begin.

After heating the sections of the wheel that require attention, using only the finest dragons breath as his source of flame, hydraulic forming tools are used to gently re-shape the profile ensuring the wheel is not put under excessive stress.

The job complete and the wheel inspected, Mike will reluctantly hand back this precious masterpiece, prior to being re-united with its tyre.