Services we offer

With a long experience in the wheel environment, we pride ourselves on giving honest advise that truly meet your needs.

Window Tinting Specialists in Woking

We are able to offer a variety of shades of window film to enhance the look of your vehicle. Read more about Window Tinting

Wheel Refurbishment

Whilst our main focus is on full factory refurbishment, we are able to offer a simple local repair to your alloys if this is considered to be the best solution to your problem.
To undertake a full refurbishment of your wheels we would normally complete the work in 2 days (dependant on workloads). Some split rim alloys may require 3 to 4 days.
You are able to simply drop the wheels to us or book your vehicle with us.


Keeping you mobile

We fully appreciate that it is not easy for customers to remove or refit the wheels on their vehicles, and in some cases not being able to be without transport whilst work is carried out to their alloy wheels.
Whilst we can`t offer you a loan car, we will happily remove your damaged wheel and fit your spare or for some of the more popular cars offer a loan set of alloys. Once completed, we will refit your refinished wheels to your car.

Collection / Delivery

Within the local area of Woking, we offer a collection / delivery service – at a small extra cost.

Wheel Straightening

Our ability to straighten your bent alloy wheels, is legendary, and we are the preferred choice of many local tyre companies and car main dealers.
We are able to repair even the most severely buckled wheels, which could save you hundreds of pounds, when compared to having to purchase new.

Wheel straightening repairs are from £50+VAT

Read more about Wheel Straightening »

Wheel Welding – Standard Alloys

Our specialist TIG welder has vast experience and is capable of welding all types of wheel damage. First step involves offering an assessment of the damage ensuring the safety and strength of your alloy. Since we weld both sides of the casting we are confident that the repair will be stronger, in most cases, than the original alloy itself.

Welding repairs are from £70+VAT

Wheel Welding – Run-Flat Technology Alloys

Our experience over the years has led us to conclude that welding of alloys designed for run-flat tyres should only be done as a temporary solution until a new wheel can be purchased. Whilst purchasing one of these alloys can be very expensive, welds will tend to crack again in a short time period due to forged design production of these alloy wheels.

Diamond Cut Polished Alloys

Alloys having a polished / diamond cut front face require to be handled slightly differently from standard painted wheels. The alloy will need to cut on a CNC lathe, between the painting and lacquering stages of refurbishment.

Therefore costs of refurbishment are slightly higher and are typically completed in 3 working days.

Motorcycle Alloys

We offer a full refurbishment scheme for Motor Bike alloys, in colour choices too vast to mention.
Simply bring in your wheels stripped of all bearing, sprockets and tyres and we will refinish them within 3 days.
Since our process uses quality powders and paints, your wheels, will have an extremely robust, smooth finish.

General Powder Coating

A side of our business with endless possibilities.
Anything that is powder coated from new but is now looking tired, to all manner of items requiring a strong hard wearing coating.

Radiators, Bike frames, car chassis, gates, door handles, cycle stands, cowlings, roof trusses, metal garden chairs – Or just ask we`ll find away to help!


Refurbished wheels are covered by one year warranty, this does not include welded, diamond cut finishes or by any damage/corrosion or other defects as a result of kerbing, damage caused by driving or corrosive wheel cleaners.