About Primo Alloys

We could witter on and on about our experience and the progress since the inception of the company in 2000, and waffle on about the new equipment and processes that we have invested in to achieve the brilliant results that will transform your alloys.

However much we would like to take the credit for `just damned hard work`, we have to admit that upon moving to our new premises we discovered something truly magical about these enchanted workshops.

Let me explain;

Once the wicked car dealers discovered that we now had space in our new kingdom for 10 cars to be securely stored and worked upon, they dispatched their serfs with all haste to lay great numbers of carriages and inundate us poor folk with work.

Eventually the burden became so great that the poor workers were downcast and weary, finally falling asleep at their stations unable to see an end to their mounting workload.

They slept long into the next morning and awoke to such a surprise, the unfinished wheels that had been stacked high, were now finished too perfection, gleaming and new. The workers rejoiced and could not believe their eyes, they could finally spend some time with their families.

As it transpired and unknown to any of us, somewhere in the 6000 sq/ft workshop were living the mythical `wheel fairies` and seeing the burden heaped upon the honest hard working folk, they came out at night and used their magic powers to produce such wonder.

And to this day the fairies continue to help, so don’t believe that wheel refurbishment is a complicated science, it`s all fairytales.